About Us

Vietnam Yang Sin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and is located in ThaiBinh Province, Vietnam. It is a professional secondary aluminum alloy ingot smelting plant. Its business projects are aluminum alloy ingots and special aluminum ingots. The annual production capacity is nearly 15,000 metric tons and the highest monthly is 2,000 metric tons.

Vietnam Yangxin has been aiming at “focusing on manufacturing and quality first” for decades, and has continuously improved and reviewed material procurement, classification and screening, smelting manufacturing, and finished product inspection, only to provide customers with stable quality aluminum ingots; Suppliers establish long-term cooperative relationships to ensure the stable supply of raw materials.

Vietnam Yangxin produces ADC12, ADC6, A380, and other series alloys, which are used in automobile and motorcycle parts, network communication equipment, consumer electronics, hardware hand tools, and other products.